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LPG Compressor

LPG Compressor LPG Compressor
Product name : LPG Compressor
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  General Information
Compressors are extremely versatile for they can be used to transfer liquids between tanks, off-load/load out liquids, recover residual vapor, and evacuate vapors for maintenance purposes. Many LPG piping systems do not provide ideal NPSH conditions for liquid pumps which causes excessive pump maintenance. Since compressors are only exposed to vapors, they are not affected by poor NPSH conditions. Many LPG pressurized tanks such as railcars and buried tanks have top unloading connections. A compressor can be the perfect solution for transferring liquids to and from such tanks. 

  • High efficiency valves move more gas volume
    The heart of any compressor is its valve assembly and Blackmer valves are specifically designed for non-lubricated gas applications. With precisely engineered clearances, spring tension, and a special finish, these valves seat more positively so more gas is moved with each piston stroke. Blackmer valves offer greater strength, quiet operation, and long life.
  • O-Ring seals-head and cylinder
    The head and cylinder are sealed with O-rings to ensure positive sealing under all operating conditions.
  • Pressure assisted piston rings for positive seating
    Constructed of self-lubricating PTFE, Blackmer's special ring design provides maximum sealing efficiency with minimal friction wear. The result: peak performance and extended compressor service life.
  • Heavy-duty crankshaft
    The ductile iron crankshaft is precision ground with integral counterweights for smooth, quiet operation. Rifle drilling ensures positive oil distribution to the wrist pin and connecting rod bearings.
  • Pressure lubricated crankcase
    A rotary oil pump provides positive oil distribution to all running gear components for long life and minimal wear.
  • Wear-resistant crosshead assemblies
    Designed for maximum lubrication and wear resistance.
  • Ductile iron pistons
    Heavy-duty ductile iron pistons are connected with a single positive locking nut which eliminates potential problems associated with more complex designs.
  • Self-adjusting piston rod seals
    Crankcase oil contamination and cylinder blow-by is prevented with loaded glass-filled PTFE seals which maintain a constant sealing pressure around the piston rods.
  • Ductile iron construction
    All pressure parts are of ductile iron for greater resistance to both thermal and mechanical shock.
Model Capacity Power Suction-Discharge  Suction-Discharge Weight Dimension
m3/min KW/HP Bar(Max.) ℃(Max.) Kg L*W*H    mm
ZW-0.25/10-16 0.25 4/5 10-16 50-120 390 1000*710*865
ZW-0.4/10-16 0.4 5.5/7.5 10-16 50-120 410 1000*710*865
ZW-0.5/10-16 0.5 7.5/10 10-16 50-120 430 1000*710*865
ZW-0.6/10-16 0.6 7.5/10 10-16 50-120 450 1000*710*865
ZW-0.8/10-16 0.8 11/15 10-16 50-120 550 1100*750*980
ZW-1.1/10-16 1.1 15/20 10-16 50-120 580 1100*750*980
ZW-1.35/10-16 1.35 18.5/25 10-16 50-120 630 1100*750*980
ZW-1.6/10-16 1.6 22/30 10-16 50-120 660 1100*750*980
ZW-2/10-16 2 30/40 10-16 50-120 800 850*1100*1200
ZW-2.5/10-16 2.5 37/50 10-16 50-120 850 850*1100*1200
ZW-3/10-16 3 45/55 10-16 50-120 1100 850*1100*1200
ZW-4/10-16 4 55/75 10-16 50-120 1200 850*1100*1200
1,Suction and discharge pressure indicate the max suction pressure is 10bar and the max discharge pressure is 16Bar,however the suction pressure is automatic adjustable from 2 bar to 10 bar as application required.
2,Special model with max suction pressure 16 bar and max discharge pressure 24 bar is available for order
3,The parameters are subject to change without prior notice,customer design of special requirement available
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